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We provide various solutions to help you achieve your IT goals by providing personalized consulting services via remote support channels or direct on-site training to you and your staff depending on your needs.


We can provide technical expertise and training to existing staff including office users, business users and the user working remotely to ensure your IT demands are met.  

Technology Assessments

With our free assessment of your existing IT infrastructure we can help to streamline your IT needs. Our experts have successfully helped to consolidate IT services into a more manageable package which helps office staff and the day to day IT administration, while reducing overall costs.


The quality, performance and security of your network can be vastly improved with our technology audits. Working together with your in-house teams, we analyze your IT infrastructure in order to identify vulnerabilities. Then we set priorities that match your personnel and budget requirements.


Installing and testing your new platforms can cause nightmares for even the most seasoned IT professional. Linkcity Web thoroughly tests and re-tests all devices and software prior to your switch-over date. You can be rest assured that from the moment you connect your new system, all data and communications will function as you need it to.

IT Services

  • PC System Building

  • PC System Upgrades

  • PC Troubleshooting & Repair

  • PC Antivirus Removal

  • PC Software Installation & Program Upgrades

  • PC Hardware Installation & Program Upgrades

  • PC Security Services

  • Platform migration

IT Consulting

  • Server layout, design and build (HP, IBM, Dell)

  • Server OS installation and hardening (Windows & Linux)

  • Network Design & setup (Cisco)

  • Wireless Network Setup (Cisco, D-Link, Linksys, Belkin, Asus)

  • Backup Strategies & Recovery Solutions

IT Training

  • Computer Basics

  • PC System Building

  • E-Mail and Web Browsing

  • Office Productivity Suites (Office, Open Office, Libre Office)

  • Web Design 

Tech headaches?

Linkcityweb can help! 

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